Bonny Island


Transit Accommodation and Float

Direct employees of NLNG as well as those seconded from SPDC are housed in transit houses or apartment until the permanent house becomes available. The transit houses are small, fully furnished with a TV. The company will provide you with some linen, crockery, etc (loan float) to get you by until your freight arrives. When you move to your permanent house the loan float must be returned. 

NB: both transit and permanent housing in the RA are in short supply at present and it would be a good idea to check with your line manager so that you know what to expect up on your arrival.


All houses are supplied with telephones. Calls within the camps are free. There is a monthly subsidy of NGN3000 for telephone calls within and/or outside Nigeria. Internet access (not very fast) is supplied free of charge. It is strongly suggested that you set up an email account with one of the free ISPs such as or They are not very fast, but they are easily accessible.


Primary school

The NLNG school opened in 1999. It currently has more than 650 pupils. In April 2011 the school has started a 5 year project to integrate the Nigerian and International stream and become one same curriculum International School.

(Acting) Head of School – Dirk Schuiling

Deputy Heads – Chinyere Louis Ozuzu

                        Michelle Lawrence

                        Obot Obot.

Educational Provision

The school provides Primary education. Children can start school when they are 3 years old by August 31  and education is provided until the children become 12 (Primary 8).

The International stream follows the National English Curriculum for Maths and English and the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) for all other subjects. There is a provision for Dutch Language and Culture lessons during school time (NTC).

Quality assurance

The school participates in a number of internal and external assessments (ISA, Sat’s, Cito) and is visited on a regular basis by Shell review teams and Nigerian and Dutch Inspection.

School times

School times are:

8:00 – 11:45 for early years

8:00 – 13:45 for other classes.

There are school buses to collect and drop children off.

Facilities and after school activities

There are many different events during the year. Examples are: Excursions, End of Year productions, swimming galas, sports day and musical concerts.

There are a wide range of after school activities which take place three times a week.

The school has two ITC labs and there are two computers in every classroom. There is also a very good library. The school uses the RA sports and swimming facilities for the PE and swimming lessons. There is a P.T.A. and a Parental Representative on the school board. Parent volunteers are welcome and help with swimming and other activities. Parent/teacher conferences are held on a regular basis.


 What’s Up Doc?

A modern, well equipped hospital that is administered by Dr. James Agada, Chief Medical Officer.

The hospital is able to supply most drugs, but it can take time to acquire them and they may not be exactly what you have taken in your base country. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring sufficient quantities of prescribed drugs with you to last until your next leave, or until you have ascertained their availability here. Malaria is the only disease against which you are advised to take prophylaxis. You will be given anti-malarial medication at your pre-assignment medical so you can commence taking them before departing for Nigeria, or as advised by your practitioner.  Malaria tablets are available here. Please contact the CMO should you have any specific medical requirements.


While visas are being arranged you should be getting your vaccinations and inoculations updated, where required.

You will arrange your immunization programmed via the Medical Department in your existing location and they will advise on the necessary inoculations. These are likely to cover:

Yellow Fever





Hepatitis A & B


Please ensure that all vaccinations and inoculations are correctly signed, dated and entered on an Immunization Card.

You will need a Certificate of Inoculation against Yellow Fever, which must be administered at a specified period before arrival (check current requirements with your local medical centre).  Kindly bring all records of vaccinations and inoculations including children’s routine immunization, as the Medical Centre in Nigeria may require this.


Common Problems

As with any change in lifestyle, people may suffer bouts of diarrhea and/or vomiting on first arrival. If this should last for more than 24 hours or is accompanied by bleeding, you should seek medical advice.


First Aid and Emergency Treatment

The RA hospital has doctors and ambulances on 24 hour call every day.


There is a specialist gynaecologist, paediatrician, anaesthetist and surgeon on staff at the RA hospital. A dentist from Port Harcourt visits each week as does a physiotherapist, ENT specialist and optometrist.

Other specialists are available at the SPDC hospital in Port Harcourt.


The RA has soccer playing fields, tennis courts, swimming pools and gym. The RA also has squash courts and a multi-purpose sports hall. There are coaches available for lawn tennis, table tennis, squash, badminton, basketball, football, aerobic and two trainers in the RA gym. There is a 9-hole golf course in the RA with a qualified golf pro to assist and encourage you. Non-residents of the RA may join the Golf Section of the Recreational Club by invitation and on payment of an annual fee set by the Club Committee.

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