Bonny Island


Bonny Island is an island at the mouth of the Niger delta, in the south east of Nigeria. Nigeria itself is a country of some 910,000 square km in West Africa, bordered by Benin, Chad, Niger, Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea.


Being such a large country, Nigeria’s climate varies according to region. The south is equatorial, the centre is tropical and the north is arid. As Bonny is an island, it has a microclimate of its own that is warm / hot all year round. There is a substantial wet season from April through to November and a dry and dusty period of about six weeks in December / January when the Harmatan winds carry fine sand from the Sahara. The rest of the year is warm or hot with patchy cloud cover and rain every few days. The humidity can be high, though made more bearable by a regular sea breeze. Initially, the humidity can make you feel somewhat uncomfortable and tired.

Flora & Fauna

Brief History

Prior to British rule, The Federal Republic of Nigeria was made up of three major regions; the west, the north and the east. In turn, each region was made up of many ethnic and language groups. The British assumed control of the Niger River basin at the 1884-85 Berlin Conference. Later, Lord Lugard moved up the Niger to conquer the interior. In 1914, he amalgamated the northern and southern territories in the name of the British Crown. Nigeria gained independence on 1 October 1960. Since then, the country has spent many years under military rule. The last period of military rule came to an end with the election of OlesegunObasanjo to the post of President in 1999.
With over 250 different ethnic groups / tribes and a population estimated at over 125 million, the official, common language of Nigeria is English. The other major African languages are Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Kanuri, Ibibio, Edo and Efic.
A Good Read :Karl Maier This House has Fallen: Midnight in Nigeria. Public Affairs. 2000.


50% Of Nigerians are Muslim, 40 % are Christian and 10% are animists.

Cultural Sensitivities

As a general rule and out of respect for local standards it is wise to wear trousers or long skirts when not in the RA. Bonny indigents require that a woman must cover her legs and wear modest attire.

Places of Worship

There are numerous places of worship in Bonny and Finima towns as well as in the local villages. There are Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, to name a few, in Bonny. We have a list and addresses of churches for your information. There are also Mosques and an Islamiya school, we have their where abouts for your information.

Money and Costs

The local currency is Naira (N).
Nigeria is a cash society and the exchange rate fluctuates.

Other Useful Information

Time: GMT/UTC plus one hour in summertime and plus two hours wintertime.

Electricity: 220v, 50Hz.

Weights and Measures: Metric.

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