Bonny Island

Pre-arrival requirements

Before leaving

Before leaving for Nigeria, check you have the following:

  • Passports (valid for at least six months after entry to Nigeria), visas, driving licence, and vaccinations (Yellow fever, TB, Polio, Tetanus, BCG, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Meningococcal Meningitis A & C and any others recommended by your doctor). Remember to carry documentation and vaccination cards on you personally. If required, more information on vaccinations is available on request.
  • Yellow Fever card checked at the airport.
  • Letter from Shell, or NLNG, confirming your employment in Nigeria.
  • Copies of passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (where appropriate), educational and professional qualifications and curriculum vitae.
  • Supply of malaria prophylaxis (available here at hospital ), prescription medications (three months supply is best), children’s medicines, cough syrups, etc. Common medicines, lotions and creams are readily available at the RA Hospital.
  • Disinfectant gel or wipes as you will often find yourself with grubby hands especially whilst travelling.
  • Postage stamps from your base country, UK, Netherlands, etcetera for letters or parcels you might wish to send home with expatriates travelling out. The postage system in Nigeria is not reliable.
  • Contact numbers for Lagos, Port Harcourt and Bonny in case of emergency. There is no public telephone system at the airport, but more and more mobile phone services include Nigeria in their global roaming programs.
  • DO NOT bring lots of valuable jewellery, investment notes, wills, bank account details, anything relating to finance, transaction numbers, etc. Should you choose to bring them with you, keep them well hidden and on your person. Do not flash around jewellery or large amounts of cash. It is a good idea to divide your cash and keep it in different wallets, purses, or pockets.
  • Have dollars or naira notes for tipping trolley boys, bell boys at hotel. The Sheraton Hotel in Lagos has facilities for money exchange.

What to Include in Hand Luggage?

  • All of the above bullet pointed items.
  • Some US, Euros and Pounds currency as this is exchangeable into local currency. We suggest between $US 1,500 and 2,000.
  • Photocopy of inventory and insurance claim forms for unaccompanied air and sea.
  • A torch/flashlight as lighting at the hotel, although improving greatly, can be unreliable sometimes.
  • As with travel anywhere, remember that on rare occasions, luggage can go astray, so pack in your hand luggage as many essential clothing items as possible for such an emergency. Double-check the value of your travel insurance to help you decide what is hand luggage.



This is by no means a definitive list. Obviously your priorities will dictate just how you pack. Do use this list as a beginning.
Electricity: 220v , 50Hz.
There are some things which you might consider buying on arrival rather than packing, for instance a TV.
Babies: We have not included baby items in the list as you will have a good idea what to include in each portion. Check availability of products you use before you come.                            

Computer: You will decide how important it is to have your computer with you (especially for emails). We would suggest that it is not a good idea to bring your desktop computer in your accompanied baggage, although a notebook computer is a good idea.

Please use secure bags in your air/sea freight. Even with good locks, zips can be unreliable and easy to break. Please itemize contents of each bag for any future reference.


This is your most important packing as it will have to tide you over until your air and sea freight arrives, which could be a couple of months. You need to include clothing, things to keep you happy and some household items.

  • Clothing: Comfortable, lightweight clothes. People wear trousers and shirts (long sleeved if working on the plant) to the office. Ties are rarely worn. Washing machine, tumble drier and iron are provided in the transit houses. Sometimes the airconditioning is quite cold, so a couple of light, long-sleeved tops are worthwhile.
  • Babies: disposable diapers, formula, baby bottles, lotions etc. These are sometimes are available here, but you may not get what you are used to. (The shop does have pampers).
  • For children: Favourite foods (familiarity in a strange environment), toys, school bag (also flask and snack box, they stay at school for lunch). Bring some books, but also use the library which is reasonably well stocked.
  • Sporting gear such as racquets, balls, shoes (non-marking soles for squash), swimming costumes, goggles, towels, golf gear, etc.
  • Medical: prescription medications (3 months supply, if possible), suntan lotion, insect repellent, sting relief as well as basic medical kit.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Spare spectacles.
  • Toiletries Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Basic kitchen kit including kitchen knife and sharpener, tea towels, corkscrew, can opener, spatulas, whisks, good sharp knives (See below about kitchen ware).
  • Towels.
  • King size sheets (American Sizes / 180cm by 195cm.)
  • 3 pin plugs and / or adaptors, British style.
  • Surge protector if you have elected to bring a computer in your accompanied luggage.
  • Torch and batteries.
  • Scissors and sewing / repair kit.
  • CDs.
  • Passport photos for opening bank accounts, etc.
  • A small bag (such as a cosmetic purse) for your money as you will usually carry more than will comfortably fit in a regular wallet.
  • Hobby items for your sanity.
  • Please note that if you move directly into your permanent housing, you will NOT have a loan float of kitchen ware, so find out before you pack your freight. You are advised then to bring cutlery, crockery, kettle, etc in your luggage or you can buy here.
  • Make sure your kitchen utensils come with you straight away on the Beechcraft.
  • If bringing food items, customs check and be difficult with products such as meat.


This could take four months to arrive, clear customs and get to you. Usually it is shorter.

  • Coffee machine and de-scaler.
  • Surge protectors for computer, TV, etc (also for computerised equipment such as sewing machines, coffee makers).
  • Some household linen.
  • King-size and single sheets, if you plan to use the beds supplied.
  • Printer cartridges for printer and fax (where relevant).
  • Photocopy of inventory and insurance claim forms for unaccompanied air and sea, a torch/flashlight as lighting at the hotel, although improving greatly, can be unreliable sometimes.
  • More stuff for children.
  • Dry food.
  • Children bicycle (available at shop but not good quality).


Sea freight can take six months to arrive, clear customs and arrive at your house. Because it is not easy to bring large items to Bonny if they are not in your container, you need to think about your future needs when you are packing it.

  • Household linen
  • Vacuum cleaner and bags
  • All your kitchen requirements (white goods except dishwasher are supplied)
  • An extra freezer is handy for families
  • Dishwasher (available on request to buy at the shop), ice-cream maker, mixer, as desired
  • Saucepans suitable for electric stove tops
  • Plastic food containers
  • Glad wrap and baking paper
  • Dishcloths, scourers, washing up brushes
  • Spices and similar
  • Coffee, filters and creamer
  • Your own bed, if you prefer
  • Furniture of your own if you wish after seeing what is in the houses, sofa, book shelves and cabinet (or similar) for TV, clothing cupboards, etc.
  • Lamps and appropriate bulbs
  • Batteries - available here
  • Decorative items: cushions, pictures, …
  • Basic medicines: Panadol, Savlon, Dettol, bandaids, bandages
  • Cotton buds, toothpaste, heads for electric toothbrush
  • Preferred cosmetics: shampoo, shaving cream, hair dye, nail polish remover
  • Clothes hangers
  • Spare cartridges for your printer and fax
  • Small safe for money and passports
  • Bicycles, repair kit, spare inner tubes and spare tyres
  • Coolbox and freezer blocks
  • Outdoor furniture (can be made and purchased here)
  • BBQ for charcoal or gas
  • Mosquito coils, citronella candles, ant traps
  • Garden tools: long hoses, sprinklers, rake, hoe, outdoor broom
  • Pots for pot plants
  • Hobby stuff
  • Wrapping paper
  • Small gifts, including for newborn babies
  • Healthy snacks
  • Dried fruits
  • Birthday presents/cards (for various ages), hostess gifts.

If you think you have space, include boring stuff like washing powder, dishwasher powder (if you are bringing a dishwasher), canned goods, etc. These are items which are available on Bonny, but are more expensive that at your local supermarket. But, make sure you pack these in domestic quantities.

Google restricted goods for Nigeria as this changes all the time. Prepare for the unexpected!

It is important to note here that it can take up to four months for your unaccompanied airfreight to be made available to you. This is because it cannot be processed until the necessary work and residence permits have been issued.

Basically, one can include most sensible items, but only in domestic quantities. Please check customs prohibition list on this website:

Travelling with children

Children often become bored on long journeys and distressed by change. Experience leads us to suggest a few familiar items in your baggage and a few small surprises for them. Little snacks are really useful when waiting for the luggage.

A word of advice from those in the know is always a good idea to pack a little of everyone’s belongings in each suitcase, just in case one suitcase is lost in transit. That way, no member of the family is left completely without clothes, shoes etc.


Please make sure your arrivals card has been filled in (include your mobile number).

At the Airport lately, accompanied baggage has been arriving quite safely, but it is still a good idea to pack wisely so you will not be caught without essential items, should your luggage take an unexpected ‘side trip’. You can expect to wait up to 1½ hour for your luggage at the airport, so we suggest you use the toilets on the aircraft before leaving the plane.
Baggage trolleys are available for N 150 (or equivalent) each. Please be careful of people charging more for the trollies. You will pay more if you use a porter.

The Meet & Greet team will be at Murtallah Mohammed International Airport, Lagos when you arrive (Identifiable by their identification badges and list bearing your name).

Meet & Greet

A member of the PURE LOGISTICS NIGERIA LIMITED (PLNL), Nigeria Meet & Greet team (phone numbers in Appendix) will meet you after you have finished with passport control and luggage outside close to the arrival door, and assisted from there onto the respective Hotel. Do not leave the airport without the meet & greet team ever. Call the numbers listed at the bottom if they are not there.

First Night Accommodation

Assuming you arrive on a day flight to Lagos, you will spend your first night in Lagos at the Sheraton  or Protea Hotel. It is recommended that you make sure that your Meet & Greet assistant remains with you until you are checked in with a room for the night. You will sign for your room and your meals, although alcoholic drinks and telephone calls are not for company account.

Getting to Bonny

These are the travel arrangements at the current time:
Expect to be flown out from Lagos by Beechcraft. Your Meet & Greet team in Lagos will take you to the appropriate airport for your onward journey.
If you have baggage weighing over 20 kgs, hand luggage 5 kg, the remainder of your luggage will travel on the next available flight/boat. It is a good idea to prioritize your luggage so that the essential items travel with you.

Passengers arriving on International flights can - depending on their airline - have up to 32 kgs bag allowance. However, due to the HSE requirements for manual loading and offloading here, please restrict each bag to 25 kgs.
It is a good idea to have currency with you that you can exchange in the hotel for Naira at a reasonable exchange rate. (You may need some Naira for those essentials on your arrival in Bonny )
The Beechcraft goes direct from Lagos to Bonny. Pack a light sweater, it may be chilly. You will be picked up from the airstrip and taken to the RA. Before entering the RA you will be required to get a RA badge.

Contact Numbers

The HR Advisor to Secondees representative for NLNG is Onyeka Agathise.  Numbers are:
Landline: +23465145. Mobile: +2348070365145.

Meet & Greet mobile numbers:
Lagos: Bello Abdulmalik - 07064045281 / +2347064045281.  Port Harcourt: Chidi Chukwu - 08035354910 / +2348035354910.  Abuja: Joseph Igba - 08039603084 / +2348039603084.

Initial Transport

All staff and contractor personnel drive Company departmental pool vehicles: Specifically vehicle users are reminded of the following:

  • Pool vehicles shall not be used to unauthorized location during and outside office hours.
  • Stoppage of home garaging of pool vehicles except duty vehicles.
  • Alignment of the use of pool vehicles by Secondees with Secondee Policy.


Transit Accommodation and Float

Direct employees of NLNG as well as those seconded from SPDC are housed in transit houses or apartment until their permanent house becomes available.  The transit houses are small, fully furnished with a TV.  The company will provide you with some linen, crockery, etc to get you by until your freight arrives. The apartments are small – one bedroom – and will have no crockery or utensils at all. Please ask us about this. When you move to your permanent house from a transit house, the loan float must be returned.  It is sometimes possible to move into your permanent home before your sea freight arrives.  In this case no loan float is available so please be prepared to bring certain essential items.

NB: both transit and permanent housing in the RA is in short supply at present and it would be a good idea to check with your line manager so that you know what to expect up on your arrival.



Outpost Bonny Island

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Friday - 2 PM-3 PM
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